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Forming Digital Teams

34 mins

There is a plethora of content online about remote working. Former Olympic coach and High Performance Manager at ThinkPlace, John Fowlie, brings an alternate approach with his expert knowledge on teambuilding, to give us unique insights into how to make digital teams work. (34 mins)

The Future of Social Media Innovation Labs

31 mins

Global Partner and ThinkPlace Chief Methodologist Dr Nina Terrey covers the history and purpose of social innovation labs and explains how we are pushing this emerging format into new places to create positive change and maximise impact for clients and communities. (31 mins)

Designing for Hope

18 mins

Hope and optimism are not the same thing, says Auckland Studio Lead Peter Harrison. So what's the difference? And why does it matter when we are designing for people and for positive outcomes? (18 mins)

Interventions at the Ethical Frontier

39 mins

Global Partner and Chief Digital Officer Darren Menachemson talks about the Interventions at the ethical frontier when it comes to advances in technology and how the public sector can act in a way that earns and maintains community acceptance. (39 mins)

Storytelling Preferred Futures

29 mins

ThinkPlace New Zealand Partner Leslie Tergas takes us through the power of storytelling to activate the capacity to dream, to hope and how storytelling can be a big part of designing in complex systems. (29 mins)