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Human-centred approach to sexual health services for rural Tanzanian youth

ThinkPlace in collaboration with Marie Stopes Tanzania Family Planning Outreach programs

A successful quit-smoking program for young Māori women

ThinkPlace New Zealand's quit-smoking project for young Māori women
New Zealand

A new home at ThinkPlace for an extraordinary social change maker.

Danielle Del Cortivo

If you set out to achieve something truly ambitious in the world but life and its many challenges kept getting in the way, how long would you keep going? Refusing to quit?

A year? Two years?

How about nine?

That is the remarkable story behind ThinkPlace’s newest recruit to its Canberra Design Studio: Danielle Dal Cortivo.

A visit to the barbershop could save lives in Côte D'Ivoire

A barbershop in Cote D'Ivoire

How can design thinking improve global health?

Personas for global health

It is an ambitious goal, but one that could play a huge role in improving health outcomes for a large number of people across the world.

And ThinkPlace is delighted to have played a role in helping bring this important intervention to life.

Design thinking is changing the way these high school students learn

It's your move

At ThinkPlace we are witness every day to the power of design thinking to drive creative approaches that help tackle some of the world's most complex problems.

But even we have been surprised by the amazing transformations that have been made possible by introducing these ideas into the school curriculum.

Children help design messages that lead them to better food choices

ThinkPlace healthy eating ACT Government

Addressing SDG goals: Design thinking and working towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Kenya


Last year, ThinkPlace had the privilege of speaking at The Future of Design Thinking event at in Paris in front of an audience of over 600 people. The amphitheatre was full of optimism, energy and intrigue regarding the value of design thinking in society. To us, it is a perspective on the world that embraces ambiguity. It is a way of working that recognises that rarely do we know all the things we need to know to make perfect decisions. It is a culture of tolerating differing versions of the facts and not drawing conclusions too quickly.

NHMRC Survey reveals key dementia research priorities


ThinkPlace recently worked in collaboration with the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to identify dementia research and translation priorities for Australia. Phase one of the project wrapped up in November / December 2015 and a summary report of the project has been released by NHRMC.

Through this ground-breaking project, priorities were identified in three stages of stakeholder engagement.

Walking the halls of Kenyatta Hospital


In the halls of Kenyatta Hospital in Nairobi, there is a constant stream of people hustling from one place to another. You are jostled down the corridors, up the stairs, with a sense of urgency in your step but also a sense of belonging. Kenyatta is the largest public referral hospital in Nairobi and takes in patients from all over Kenya. Groups of Kenyans arrive, worn out from long journeys in search of medical help unavailable to them in their communities. 


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