Darren Menachemson

Chief for Digital Societies, Global Partner / Chief Ethicist

Darren is a ThinkPlace Global Partner, its Head of AI and Digital Societies and its Chief Ethicist.

Over 20 years, Darren has worked for public good impact, designing and assuring large-scale transformations, regulatory initiatives and program interventions that tackle societies’ most complex challenges.

Darren works with governments and international NGOs and responsible corporates, at the most senior levels and on the most sensitive topics, taking a co-design approach to create new coalitions to drive change.

Key domains of expertise include digital and AI ethics, public health, environmental regulation, government digital transformation, scientific research and international development.

He holds a Masters in Design Futures from RMIT, with a research focus on digital child rights. He is also a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Darren is executive director of the ThinkPlace Foundation, ThinkPlace’s pro bono design service is a non-executive director of Global Health Security Network, which work to lift global capability and build networks for the prevention of health threats and to support equitable health outcomes. Darren is also an executive director of the Ed Institute, which works with school systems and young people to create the pipeline of future ethical leaders.

Work and thoughts

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