Sneha Vaidya

Executive Designer

Sneha feels strongly about working with communities and organisations towards creating a more socially inclusive world for tomorrow. A trained qualitative researcher, Sneha comes from a background of social psychology and anthropology. She is a skilled communicator and trained to conduct focus groups, depth interviews and ethnographic research. She has strong analytical skills and is proficient at understanding and synthesising research to create clear narratives, themes, products and reports.

Sneha has been part workshops and brings the ability of strong synthesis whilst documenting discussions and learnings. Since joining ThinkPlace, she has been involved in multiple research intensive projects, including projects with the Department of Health, tasNetworks Department of Education and Training. Her responsibilities have included deep understanding of project intent, intensive desk research, qualitative analysis and report writing. Prior to ThinkPlace, she worked as a qualitative market researcher for three years, working with consumer stories and narratives to help consumer brands create strategy and communication.

Sneha has a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Psychology) degree, a Postgraduate diploma in Liberal Arts and a Master of Social Research degree. She is passionate about qualitative research methods, data and analysis and enjoys engaging with people to discuss problems and collaborate towards innovative solutions.

Work and thoughts

Designing a gamified experience on climate resilient transformation for COP26
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Designing for better access to menstrual hygiene solutions in Nigeria
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