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Agile for Policy & Programs

This course takes agile – often and thought of as an IT methodology – and applies its principles and techniques to the design and implementation of complex initiatives to tackle societies’ or organisations’ most intractable challenges. Taking an agile approach to the design and delivery of public policy, programs and enabling functions means innovation at pace with a dramatic reduction in risk.




What you will learn:

  • The agile philosophy and mindset, and how it differs from traditional approaches
  • Organising principles, including how to set up multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs), and the critical roles and ceremonies that shape how they work
  • The stages of agile, from Discovery to Live, and critical agile concepts for building evidence, creating policy/program/enabling prototypes, conducting experiments, and iterating the design
  • Design thinking, and how to use it to deliver innovative and human-centred policy, programs and enabling functions
  • The Deep Dive – an intense, sleeves-rolled-up experience of agile methods that will ground what you have learned
  • The common mistakes people make when running an agile initiative, and how to avoid them
  • Personal/team reflection and Q&A session – coaching for how to implement agile and run your first agile policy, program or enablement initiative.

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$800 per person

One day
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